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Learn About Healthcare Transactional Lawyers

Are you involved in a healthcare transaction or thinking about becoming involved in one? Interested in the role of healthcare transaction lawyers? This is the perfect place to start. These informational articles cover what you should know about this branch of law and how a healthcare transactional lawyer will help you and your organization.


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Key Members in a Center Transaction (March 2015)

When you choose to engage in a healthcare transaction, such as selling your center, it helps to have a team of people assist you. Not only should you think about someone like an urgent care lawyer, but you need to consider others for elements like healthcare valuation and the overall sale. Learn about the top three types of people to include in this article.

Top 10 Questions to Ask the Healthcare Transactional Lawyer You’re Thinking About Hiring (July 2014)

Ever wonder what to ask a healthcare transactional lawyer before you hire them onto your team? Here is our list of the top 10 questions to ask, based on submissions from attorneys who work within the field.

Healthcare Transactions Lawyers: What You Need to Know (June 2014)

Finding the right healthcare transactions lawyer for your unique situation can be tricky. In this article, experts weigh in on the right steps to take. Find out:

  • What healthcare transaction lawyers are
  • How to find the right one
  • What it might cost to have one

New Trends In Radiation Oncology M&A (May 2014)

Radiation oncology transactions have been on the rise. Read to learn more about M&A trends within radiation oncology centers and what the future may hold. Hear what healthcare transaction lawyers and people within the radiation oncology industry think about what took place in 2013, the trend toward integration, and possible legislation that may impact the market.