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Alice Gosfield, Esq, Principal

Alice G Gosfield and Associates PC

2309 Delancey Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
P:. (215) 735-2384




ALICE G. GOSFIELD practices law in Philadelphia through Alice G. Gosfield and Associates, P.C. ( Ms. Gosfield has devoted her practice to health law and health care regulation since 1973 and places a special emphasis on matters related to physician representation, non-institutional reimbursement, medical staff issues, fraud and abuse, managed care and utilization, and quality issues. A graduate of Barnard College and New York University Law School, she served as President of the National Health Lawyers Association (now the American Health Lawyers Association) from 1992-1993.


She has extensive experience all around the country with hospital-physician affiliation and alignment strategies, from employment, to leasing the practice to the hospital, to co-management, to paying the physicians for quality results. She has worked on sales of practices to hospitals and mergers of practices.


A founding Design Team member since 2004, she served as the first and only Chairman of the Board of PROMETHEUS Payment® Inc. From 2009-2013, she was the first Chairman of the Board of the Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc. (HCI3), the not for profit which is the merger of Bridges to Excellence, Inc. and PROMETHEUS Payment Inc.  Based on her experience CMMI called on her to provide a technical assistance webinar on governing and contracting issues in bundled payment. She has significant experience working on payment, governance and contracting models within newly forming entities, such as ACOs . She has worked extensively on physician compensation models, particularly in value-driven settings, including in depth knowledge of Stark compliance.


Focus Areas

Advisory Services, Affiliation Agreements, Buy/Sell Agreements, Joint Ventures, Physician Practice/Physician Organization Transactions, Physician Representation