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The Healthcare Transaction Lawyers’ directory in conjunction with The Ambulatory M&A Advisor publication is our version of matchmaking for healthcare transaction professionals. Networking involves understanding the value that someone provides and matching that value with people who need it and appreciate it. We want to help introduce healthcare transaction lawyers to owner operators of outpatient centers and other professionals that are within transaction teams such as healthcare valuators, investment bankers, M&A brokers, healthcare CPAs/accountants etc. In doing so, we believe healthcare transaction attorneys will be better able to help solve your healthcare business related challenges by using their greatest talents. Regardless of size, healthcare transactions are by definition complex, and thus need specialized professionals.

The Healthcare Transaction Lawyers’ directory provides profiles of the most respected and experienced healthcare transaction lawyers in order to assist those searching for a highly qualified HCTL. After reviewing the directory, if you find yourself in need of a referral for you unique situation, feel free to send a message or call, and we will work to provide you with a short list of healthcare attorneys that have the necessary experience.

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